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Mild creamy cheese, served hot with a touch of sweet pepperes and zucchini.


Creamy mozzarella, typical of the puglia region. presented in two different ways: Classic (with tomatoes, zucchini and spices) or truffle (with mushrooms and truffle oil).

Tomino’s Buscaiolo

With apple, endive and red fruit coulis.

Robiola Tres Leches

A mix of three cheeses, slighthy creamy acompanied with tomato confiture and greens.

Fior di Langa

A flavourful cheese with a more compact texture,served hot with pesto and tomato.






Caprino: goat cheese, very soft, and spreadable.
Escamorza: type of mozzarella, but cured and lightly smoked.
Pancetta: a more natural type of bacon with spices.